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Heads or Tails Online - Flip a Random Coin

How to play Heads or Tails?

To play Heads or Tails online, you just have to click on the button «Toss» to send the coin flying. The person tossing the coin(s) must before that choose between «Heads» or «Tails».

  • HeadsThe piece is considered to fall on «Heads» when you see the value of it.
  • TailsAnd falling on «Tails» when you see the drawings of this one.

The origin of heads or tails

The origins of this game are unknown, but it is believed to be very old. It was probably born out of the need to make quick and random decisions. The principle of the game is simple: we throw a coin in the air and we see what the result gives. Each time, there is a one in two chance that the coin will fall on the front or the back.
Over time, this entertainment has been used to make bigger decisions, such as in sports determining who plays first.

Chance in online coin tossing

Chance in this game is determined by probability. Probability is the science that studies random phenomena. It is used to determine the chance of occurrence of an event. In the case of the game of toss a corner, the probability of going out one side or the other is 50%. This means that there is no way to predict or control the outcome of a coin toss. The odds of winning or losing are always equal. There is, however, a possible probability anomaly. When the result obtained is neither one nor the other and the coin is found on its thickness. These possibilities are excluded in order to rule out any anomalies during the draw.

Make a decision with a coin

There are several ways to make a heads or tails decision. The most common way is to just decide which option you want, then toss a coin and see what you get. If you get the side with the value, you have your option, and if you get the one with the drawing, you have the other option. Another variant is to decide on the winning option once the currency is sent in the air, then in the hand with a closed fist. By gently placing it on your arm to discover the result of the decision.